10 Remote Work Resolutions To Set For 2022

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10 Remote Work Resolutions To Set For 2022

Picking a meaningful list of remote work resolutions is a good way to set yourself up for success and hit the new year strong, especially as a remote employee. Knowing which direction you would like to be going toward in your career, or even trying to rebuild some of your old habits through a good list of resolutions can help you to get the most out of this career. 

At Kuubiik, some of our most common resolutions this year include avoiding conflict at work, motivating yourself with long term goals, meeting people who will support you in fulfilling your resolutions and taking on new responsibilities. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Here are 10 Remote Work Resolutions For 2022

1. Pick a resolution you haven’t attempted before.

One thing for sure is that I’m not the biggest fan of resolutions but I’m a fan of picking a resolution I haven’t attempted before. The very same resolutions that you’ve been having after a long year and yet don’t seem to achieve it can make you feel worn down and a little less inspired. Therefore, you should attempt to try a new resolution and not fall back on the old ones to give you a fresh start in 2022. Once you’ve made your resolutions specific, revisit them at regular intervals so you can make progress in moving forward your career goals. 

2. Focus on communicating more.

Getting back to communicating more regularly with your coworkers who also work remotely can motivate you to perform to the best of your abilities and develop trust and connection with them despite the physical distance. You’ll be more likely to avoid misunderstandings that are caused by remote working and learn to appreciate your coworkers more. The best interval to bond is usually about twice a month. If you’ve decided to stick with this resolution, don’t make a vague statement like “interact more”. Instead, pick something like “interact at least twice a month with fellow colleagues”.   

3. Celebrate big and small successes.

A team that celebrates big and small successes usually delivers better long-term results. There are many ways to celebrate your wins with your remote team, and in this case you can practice publicly acknowledging your coworkers for doing a great job to make them feel that their hard work is valued. Throwing an online party, card gifting and a team retreat are some other great ways to keep your team engaged and motivated. 

4. Meet people who will support you in fulfilling your resolution. 

Knowing new people in your community who will support you in fulfilling your resolutions is equally important. While you may be working remotely most of the time and may find it hard to establish strong networks, the year 2022 has opened new doors for people who like networking but have not yet done it due to Covid restrictions. For example, if your resolution is to build industry knowledge or keep up with the latest technology, you can easily meet people whose resolutions align with yours on networking platforms such as LinkedIn. What’s more it’s totally free to use and very convenient!

5. Participate in virtual team building activities. 

In 2021, for me at least, I didn’t get to do a lot of things I wanted to do. I wanted to take a break from my regular day-to-day tasks, I wanted to bond with colleagues in a less formal setting, and I wanted to escape the boredom and loneliness of working from home. So in 2022, it helps to pick a resolution to participate more often in virtual team building activities that your company has in store for you. Grab these opportunities as they come and you’ll find your morale boosted in no time. 

6. Motivate yourself with long term goals.

A lot of us who work remotely tend to have a lot on our plates especially when we schedule too many tasks into our day. At the end of the day, it’s easy to find ourselves more tired and burnt out than when we first started our jobs. This year, it’s really important to kind of get back to motivating ourselves with meaningful long term goals – your primary goals as well as your secondary goals. A good question to ask yourself is ‘What would I want to accomplish in 1 year?’ or ‘What would I want to accomplish in 5 years?’.

7. Resolve conflict at work

One of the biggest challenges remote employees face is not being able to speak face-to-face with fellow colleagues. We cannot see or hear each other’s facial expressions or tone of voice when communicating via email and text. This often results in misunderstandings and miscommunications at work. This year, make resolving conflict one of your resolutions. The aim is to improve working relationships that you’re going to need to rely on later.

8. Take a break from your regular day-to-day task.

With the rise of remote work, employees need to approach meetings with a remote-first mindset and create a productive workspace right from home! This has blurred the line between the home being a place for rest and relaxation and a place where you find yourself working long hours. To solve this issue, try to establish boundaries in your schedule for work and rest by breaking your day into balanced chunks of productivity and downtime. This way, you’ll be able to rest more mindfully at the end of every day. 

9. Take on new responsibilities. 

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Doing the same thing every day can become boring, more so when you are stuck in front of your computer at home. To ensure that you can be productive, it’s sometimes good to have healthy new assignments. These are useful for killing boredom caused by repetitive tasks and increasing production at work. It also leads to you being more engaged and results in a better approach to tasks. If you’re having trouble with organising your time, try setting your availability in your calendar app so you can easily take on new responsibilities. 

10. Keep up with technology by staying knowledgeable. 

The current state of remote work requires communication technology and internet access to make working seamlessly possible. But as technology advances so quickly, it’s possible that new technologies will surpass the old ones to improve performance issues. These technologies will span from video conferencing tools and project management tools so it’s good to keep up with these technologies that support remote working and, at the same time, invest in lifelong learning. 

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