5 Brilliant Habits We Encourage When Working From Home

Are you working from home? Most of you probably said “Yes”. Adapting to sudden environmental changes may or may not be your forte. However, thanks to the digital era, 2020 has made virtual communication easier than ever. Imagine if this happened 10 years ago, not sure we would be as fortunate. Think of how lucky we are to have various different virtual tools, applications, and devices to communicate with. Hurray to the digital age! 

Some of you might not reciprocate with my excitement of working from home. I understand that we are humans and are not quite accustomed to being forced to do something we are not used to doing. However, I have broken through the dynamics of the new reality with just some minor adjustments and thought I’d share them with you too.

#1 Planning ahead 

Most of the days we wake up startled because we either snoozed our alarm, forgot to complete a task, or send an email the previous day. Setting reminders on your phone or even outsourcing part of your duties every week can assure you complete all these tasks.

Use your calendar and mark all the activities you need to complete in yellow and once completed change it to green. If you prefer writing things down, have a small diary to list down all the things that need to be done by the end of the day and cross it off when you have completed them. 

Working from home means, more to schedule and plan things for the day in your preferred style. It is important to keep in rhythm with your daily routine and to follow it because sometimes working from home may not feel like you are actually at work. Which brings me to my next point. 

#2 Having a dedicated workspace 

It is easy to integrate places at home and work in the same area where we usually eat in, sleep in, or laze around in, am I right? Well, it’s about time we change that because everyone needs a dedicated workspace in which they only work. In theory, when there is a pressing deadline at work and our adrenaline is pushing us towards the finish line, we can sit anywhere and complete what we need to finish. But, add with the many distractions at home—your child, partner, roommate, neighbors, or parents who are constantly blaring news from the living room—all of which affects our productivity immensely. 

It is understandable that we sometimes don’t have much space to create a whole room when working from home, but we can always get creative with the smallest spaces that are available to us within our household. Small tables and decor can also be used to create the office look and feel.

#3 Setting boundaries and taking breaks

The difficulty of setting boundaries becomes harder when everything is combined into one living area, especially when you are working from home. However, it is even more important to engage in healthy boundaries with yourself, your family, and work. Communicating with members of the same household and colleagues can deepen understanding and allow others to understand you better.

It is also very important to set boundaries for yourself, even if it is small things such as taking breaks to stretch or have a glass of water throughout the day.

Taking time away from your electronic devices during lunch is a healthy break for your mind as well. 

#4 Establishing a work-life Balance

Use this time to do things you did not have time to do before. Start a new sport, hobby, or continue a passion you left years ago because you got busy with responsibilities at work, started a business, got married, had children, or just lost track of time because you were too busy focusing on getting through life.

Finding the right balance can make your days, weeks, months, more complete and organized. Respecting yourself and others’ time is the key to having more balance and productivity in your day-to-day lifestyle.

#5 Loving yourself!

We lose track of time when we are focusing on attending to everyone at work and home that we fail to find time for ourselves. If you feel things are getting mundane, then change it up a little by working from different environments. Sometimes, you can go to a coffee shop or a park near your house and hotspot wifi connection if there isn’t any available.

It is extremely essential to make sure “me time” is scheduled into your weekly routine. This is what each of you deserves in order to reboot your system, revive your energy, and have time for the body, and brain to relax. Add “me time” to your calendar now!

I hope these tips help make life a lot more productive and balanced moving forward. Good luck & Stay Positive!

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