How to win trust with Gen Z and Millennials

Customer trust is constantly evolving. Suffice to say, this trend we are all feeling is linked to a fast-growing and influential segment of customers, known as Gen Z (or often referred to as Millennials). They are surrounded by technology, social media, mobile devices, computers, and the internet. And pretty much most of them make the dominant generation involved in product or service purchase decision-making today.  

This generation tends to treat businesses the way they treat other people — holding them to certain standards and building relationships with ones they have faith in. They are not about to spend their hard-earned dollars on product and service that leaves them with a case of buyer’s remorse. And they want to engage with companies that will not let them down.

So what does this mean for you? Well, here we will go over four strategies you can take to attract Gen Zers and millennials to your brand and further win their trust.

Exhibit transparency and show accountability

There is a growing recognition that more and more Gen Zers and millennials care about the people behind a company or a brand, how they look like, and even their personalities. Some have even said, “I trust this brand because the founder posts frequently on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform”.

This is true because polishing your online presence could mean higher transparency and accountability. Not having an online presence could mean tossing aside your virtual networks and Gen Zers who want more insight into your product or service!  

So if you have a mission to win the trust of Gen Zers or market your brand to them, it can be akin to getting yourself (or your executives) using and comfortable with social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and others. 

Post frequently about your professional and personal life, share photos or updates about your professional projects, or write inspirational quotes that are genuine and down-to-earth. Your audience are more likely to believe that your brand is good and reliable this way.  

Collect and share user-generated content from real people

One of the most, if not the most, important ways businesses win the trust of Gen Zers and millennials is through user-generated content (UGC). User-generated content (UGC) is any content — text, videos, images, reviews, etc. — created by users rather than brands themselves. 

In addition to having influential content, UGC can act as authentic social proof that your product is worth buying. Converting your audience and influencing them into making a purchase becomes easier when you turn to UGC as one of the strategies. It acts as a trust signal where genuine, reliable and honest comments are made. 

It is what Gen Zers and millennials need today. So often they would conduct a lengthy amount of internet research and find out what real people have to say about a brand, in the same way they would ask their friends, family, or professional network. So the more you collect and share, the more trust you will build with your audience. 

Go live on social media platforms

Think of the last time you watched a live on social media and made a purchase with a good impression. Look back on the encounter and think of what made you feel that way. Can’t remember? Then here is a list to remind you of some of the hype. 

For a start, you have a host or a co-host on one end of the video usually with a boisterous and outgoing personality. The host offers you a chance to catch a raw and real glimpse into their product. You will be able to see your host or co-host deliver his content over the Internet in real time… a bit like live TV really. Next, you will be offered a chance to ask questions or engage with your host in real time. 

Again, you might not have discovered that this format offers a chance to breed connectedness and eventually lead to increased trust feelings. But this is exactly what live videos do and in fact the most valuable advantage of going live. With frequent live sales, preferably once every week with different themes or co-hosts , you will be able to build a strong base of viewers, or Gen Z audience, and maybe even double your reach instantly. 

Incorporate influencer marketing

The ideology behind influencer marketing is fairly simple in nature. It is when a celebrity, social media personality, or industry expert shares content about a brand on social media. Usually it creates a sense of instant credibility for the brand they promote compared to conventional advertising. 

This is because conventional advertising normally engages marketers and advertisers whom Gen Zers and millennials find less trustworthy. Thus the concept of trust may be in short supply with conventional advertising, but it is not as elusive with influencer marketing.   

Gen Zers and millennials trust influencers better these days because these influencers are also consumers who buy from and appreciate certain brands in order for them to shout their devotion on social media. This alone is a major value-add and competitive advantage for your brand. 

So if your brand is struggling to gain traction in the world of digital marketing, it may be time to look for influencers to secure purchases with your audience, all while building trust and credibility in your business landscape.

And once you have generated that goodwill and company fandom, do what you can to project it to the audience around you. They want to hear from you and they certainly will be excited, if not delighted, by the curated experiences they are about to go through in their journey.

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