Executive Admin

What is s Virtual Executive Assistant?

A Virtual Executive Assistant or Virtual Assistant (VA) provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely (that’s right, you won’t need to provide them with any desk at your office!). 

Because Virtual Assistants are independent contractors rather than employees, clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits, except in the context that those indirect expenses are included in the VA’s fees. You won’t need to worry about paying CPF. And your Virtual Assistant won’t demand any leaves(sick leaves, maternity leaves, or casual leaves).

By hiring a VA, clients will also avoid the logistical problem of providing extra office space, equipment or supplies. Clients only pay for 100% productive work, as the work is paid hourly as needed. Give them your tasks through email, chat or phone call and it will be done immediately.

At Kuubiik, we offer virtual assistant service that won’t only help you with administrative tasks, but also other skillful tasks such as basic graphic design, social media management or web maintenance.

Price & Product Comparison

Let us compare prices & products, or, help you make purchases.

How often do you spend time on making one purchase online and ended up spending hours browsing all the options on internet? The internet world is just too big and what should be a quick browsing could turn into a time consuming and overwhelming task. And again, you are wasting your productive hours. 

We have the solution to this problem

[*cue drumroll*] 

Hand it off to your Virtual Assistant!

From business research, price or product comparison to helping you make  purchases for gifts, books, stationery and even perhaps clothes, Kuubiik VA will be able to help you narrow results based on your preference.

Data Entry

Virtual Assistant for data entry

Every business whether it’s small, medium or big, must be handling a good amount of data. Anyone who runs a business that requires a lot of data entry knows just how time-consuming this task can be. As an entrepreneur or professional, your main focus is for your company to grow faster and bigger. Then why waste time on doing daily administrative tasks that will take so much of your valuable time. Kuubiik Virtual Assistant can help you with data entry.

Hiring Virtual Assistant to do your data entry will help you cut down your operational cost. No need to hire a full time employee, especially when the volume of data entry tasks fluctuates.

Unlike your regular full time employee, virtual assistant doesn’t get a monthly salary. Instead, you will pay him/her on a hourly basis. You pay only for the completed work. This way, you will save time and also money. On top of that, no need to worry about office space, sick leaves, employment benefits or employment taxes.

Email Management

Get a Virtual Assistant to manage your overflowing inbox.

It’s never ending, it keeps on adding up. Everyone is putting you in the loop on everything that is going on in the company. From needing your approval on things, asking your opinion, book a meeting, sending you a recap, to do list, invoice or quotes, etc. Everything is going into your inbox and it fills up very quickly. Some professional that we know may have 500+ unopened email in their inbox every week. If this sounds like you, we got you covered.

Kuubiik Virtual Assistants have years of experience with inbox management. They are trained to be organized and able to sort out which needs to be read and responded by you. They will organize your inbox with labels, folders or categorized them. And those unwanted promotion email blasts sent randomly to you, they’ll unsubscribe them for you. Any meetings needed to be scheduled, your VA will confirm directly with you and set up the appointment in your calendar.

Save your valuable time. Let your VA sort your email so that you’ll only see the most important messages that needs your attention, response or require action from you.

Expenses and Invoices

Your VA can handle your invoices.

It is very important to keep records of all the sales and getting paid the correct amount for your products or services. While you focus on making business strategies to increase more revenues for your company, your VA can help with basic invoicing task. 

Your VA can make invoices using your existing template and email it to your customer or client. Simply share the information to your VA on who to send the invoices to, how much and when it is due. Your VA can also help you keep track of outstanding business invoices or let you know which invoices are past due.


Use a Virtual Assistant to do research.

Many small businesses and even large corporations are turning to Virtual Assistants for data research nowadays. When everyone in the company has already their own roles and duties, hiring someone part time to do research seems to make much more sense. 

Whether you’re opening a new line of business or just to keep updated on the current trend, researching your market will always help you to assess your category, strategize, and make the right decisions for your company to gain an edge above your competition. 

By doing research, it will help you to identify what feature your competition lacks. So you can always add value to your services or brand through real insights. In other words, research is a core part of any company’s growth strategy. 

With the help of world wide web, your virtual assistant can help you with research such as:

  • comparing products or services, 
  • collecting data from different sources 
  • sending out surveys over email
  • putting together contact lists
  • Etc

Personal Assistant

Virtual Assistant: Your Modern Personal Assistant.

Your Virtual Assistant can also help you out with daily tasks in both your professional and personal life as well. As Virtual Assistant work remotely, you won’t need to think about space for a desk in front of your office door. Technology has make it way easier for us to communicate, you don’t need your PA to follow you anywhere you go anymore.

Examples of tasks your VA can do:

  • Organizing your calendar and to-do list
  • Scheduling your appointments 
  • Travel booking for business or vacations
  • Hotel or restaurant reservations
  • Helping you make purchases such as gifts, books, or even clothing
  • Event reminder (eg. company annual dinner, birthday, anniversaries, etc)
  • etc


All these tasks that don’t need to be done in-person, your VA can take care of them all! Just send them your to-do list and they’ll get them done in no time.

Scheduling & Planning

Organization is the key to success.

We’re all familiar with that phrase “ Organization is the key to success”. As a busy professional, we understand that you have a lot in your mind. And being organized is not easy when you have a lot of things to juggle all at the same time. 

Scheduling appointments and meetings may seem to be the most simple and basic tasks, but it’s actually time-consuming. Why do it yourself when you can hand it over to your VA for a better organization in your calendar. 

Kuubiik virtual assistants have years of experience in calendar management. Your VA will help you manage which one is a priority and will make sure your schedule is well organized, not overlapping each other and nothing is forgotten. All based on your preferences.

Our VA can help you with:

  • Scheduling meetings or conference calls
  • Confirm appointments through email 
  • Send automated email reminders
  • Organize business travel overseas
  • Planning your travel itinerary
  • Etc

Website maintenance & E-commerce

Use Virtual Assistant running your online business.

There are a lot of different tasks to deal with as a business owner running an e-commerce site. From managing orders, shipping, customer question, return/refund request, restocking, creating a new listing, looking for new products or vendors, and on top of that, following what’s new on the trend, and the lists go on. We get it, we are here to help!

Use Virtual Assistant to work on tasks that you don’t have time to do, while you’re making awesome business strategies for your e-commerce to grow even bigger!

Kuubiik Virtual Assistants are well trained and able to help you with:

  • responding messages from your customers
  • uploading or creating a new listing for your new products
  • searching for new vendors to work with
  • data entry
  • researching current trend
  • managing your social media
  • basic website maintenance
  • and so much more!


We love what we do and we know that you love what you do too! While we take care of the smaller things, you can breathe and focus on what you do best – make your business succeed and grow!

Social Media & Marketing

Post, Like, Follow

Social media plays a big part in most people lives nowadays and actually brings a lot of benefit from business angle. Social media could actually open up so much opportunities and even bring a good income for business if it’s well managed and updated daily. 

But most of the time as a business owner, you just don’t have the time to look for content to post or not even have time to open your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter business account daily. Don’t forget, customers need to be reminded of your product daily so that they won’t forget your brand.

Or maybe you’re a professional and have no time to manage your LinkedIn profile, whereas you want your network to always remember you so whenever opportunity comes, you’re the first to contact. 

This is where Virtual Assistant can step in and help you out. You don’t need to hire someone full time to do social media management. Instead, hire a virtual assistant and save both your time and money! 

Examples of what your VA can help you with your social media management are:

  • planning out daily post for you
  • researching new content to be repost
  • like or comment other user’s post on IG/FB
  • update stories on your IG/FB account 
  • design or edit photos for your post to be more eye catching
  • etc


By being active on social media, you will eventually get more followers. With more followers, your brand will be easier to trust. And if you’re a professional on LinkedIn, being active on social media can open up much more work related opportunities that you never think of before. 

Again, some simple task that seems to be easy to handle on your own, but actually very time consuming. Leave it to your virtual assistant so you can rest your head a bit more.

Travel Planning

Ask your VA to plan your travel itinerary

It happens every time, we let all those hours wasted, planning on just one trip. Doing all the research yourself for booking your flights, hotels, or planning the travel itineraries. Let a virtual assistant help you with this. 

The internet is big and there are thousands of options out there. Leave it to your VA, let them know your preferences and they will narrow down the options for you. And all you need to do is to pack your bag and enjoy the trip. Organizing for someone else? No problem, your VA can set everything for you behind the scene ; )

Ask your VA to plan travel itinerary for you and they will research, plan, book, organize and schedule everything for you, all including:

  • Planning travel budget
  • Researching and booking flight/train/cruise tickets
  • Hotel reservations
  • Arranging for transportation in the destination
  • Travel itineraries
  • Researching and make reservations for restaurants
  • Etc

Real Estate & Property Management

Focus on the big picture, use a Virtual Assistant

Whether you own a property or you work in real estate, there are a lot of daily mundane tasks that you can’t ignore. It’s best to leave these tasks to a Virtual Assistant so that you can focus on achieving your goals, make your business grow bigger, and have more time to do other important tasks. 

Or, maybe you’re looking for a property to own or rent. Virtual Assistant can help do research for you. At Kuubiik, we only hire Singapore based VA. This way, your VA themselves already have an experience living in Singapore. So the results of the research will be more accurate.

Other benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant is that they work remotely, so you won’t need to provide any office space. Give them your tasks through email, chat or phone call and it will be done immediately. And unlike regular employees, Virtual Assistant doesn’t demand any sick leaves or casual leaves and also any other employment benefits, which also means, you don’t need to worry about paying any employment tax or CPF. 

Some of the tasks that your Virtual Assistant can help you with are:

  • Research and compile real estate datas from real estate websites
  • Manage your real estate listings
  • Sending introductory messages to potential renters or buyers
  • Schedule appointments 
  • Follow up with all parties involved as needed

Graphic Design

No Need To Hire a Full Time Employee, Your Virtual Assistant Can Also do Graphic Design, All Inclusive.

As your modern employee,  Kuubiik Virtual Assistant can also help you with simple Graphic Design work as needed. Isn’t that amazing? Extra skill from your Kuubiik Virtual Assistant with no extra fee!

You can ask your Virtual Assistant to help you with design works such as simple poster design, Facebook cover, Instagram post or stories, invitation, newsletter, brochure or business card design, etc. 

You just need to tell your VA what is the content, how do you want it, when do you need it for and it will be done immediately. Your Virtual Assistant will always be ready to help you clear out the list of your tasks that keeps on piling up. 

Kuubiik Virtual Assistant can help you beyond admin tasks. And on top of that, you will save a lot of cost by hiring them to help you with your design project. Those costs are:

  • No need to provide office space, computer or laptop and design software that costs so much every month
  • No need to worry about employment benefits, CPF and employment tax
  • No need to worry about casual leaves, sick leaves or any other leaves that you need to provide

Project Management

Let Your Virtual Assistant be the chaser and do the required follow-ups.

So you started a new project, you have a lot of awesome ideas and brilliant strategies. But the only thing that you don’t have is time. Time to focus or even to start working on this new project. Hire a Virtual Assistant to get your project going.

Your VA can take care of:

  • Scheduling
  • Setting the reminder
  • Sending an email to the team involved, following up on each person in charge of getting the work done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each of our plans include a dedicated virtual expert (VE). You will work with your VE on a one-to-one basis, continually submitting tasks directly to this person. Your VE will grow to know you, your work, and your preferences—all while learning to anticipate your needs without you having to repeat yourself.

As a collaborative consumption business, our Virtual Expert professionals are a shared resource among clients. They schedule their days to best serve you and your incoming tasks with priority and without delay. Therefore, we do not offer immediate turnaround, though we expect most tasking to be completed in 24-48 hours. So, we encourage you to place priority levels and deadlines on your projects. 

We will begin locating the best possible VE for you using the information you shared during the signup process about your working style and personal preferences. After we’ve determined who would be the best fit for your needs—we’ll send an email connecting the two of you! We suggest hopping on a quick call soon after. After that, we aim to introduce you to your VE within two business days of signing up.

Most of our VEs are located in Singapore but we also have VEs located in different countries in the region. When we engage a VE, we ensure that they have a full understanding of the local market. 

Secondly, we ensure to be as close as it can be to the local culture. Thus, there won’t be any work dis-balance and this would allow tasks to be done quickly and neatly. 

If you go over your limit you can purchase additional hours or upgrade your pricing plan at any time. Just ask your Virtual Expert for assistance.

For example, you used half of your hours in your current plan (i.e. Basic Plan – 10 hours per month), but you want to upgrade to a new plan (i.e. Growth Plan – 20 hours per month) because you know you will need to hand over more tasks to your virtual assistant. In this case, we will simply upgrade your current plan to a new pricing plan that fits your requirements. 

As a monthly membership service, our clients subscribe to us with the ability to retain virtual experts. While each plan offers a different level of service, as a membership subscription our plan hours can only rollover for up to 5% of the package plan, and your membership fees are not tied to time specifically.

We are using a time tracking system which allows us to track efficiently every virtual expert’s work.

As a result, we will keep a running total of your hours and send you reports at the preferred frequency mutually agreed with the client or team. Alternately, feel free to ask us for a report at any time. Also, if you are running out of time we will notify you well ahead of that.

We can track how many hours were spent on the Virtual Expert’s Computer vs Break time.

We also track if they spend time on unproductive websites and applications.

Learn more here.

Of course. Contact us at [email protected] minimum 7 days prior to your next billing cycle and we’ll take care of your request. If you have already been billed, your cancellation request will not take effect until the following month. Unfortunately, we do not offer prorated refunds or cancellations for unused time.