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Back-End Developer


A Backend Developer plays a crucial role in the software development process, as they are responsible for the end-to-end design, development, and maintenance of the server-side logic, databases, and APIs that form the backbone of web applications.

Server Side Programming.

Backend Developers are proficient in writing server-side code using a variety of programming languages, including but not limited to Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, and Node.js.

Database Management.

Designing, implementing, and maintaining databases (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB) to store and retrieve data efficiently.

API Development.

Creating and maintaining APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable communication between the front end and back end of web applications. Implementing RESTful or GraphQL APIs.

Web Server Management.

Excel in the intricate task of configuring and managing web servers, including popular choices like Apache and Nginx, to guarantee the uninterrupted and efficient operation of web applications.

Authentication & Authorization.

Implementing robust and secure authentication and authorization mechanisms to control access to valuable resources and safeguard sensitive user data effectively.

Data Security.

Implementing security measures to protect against common web vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and cross-site request forgery (CSRF).

Server Side Frameworks

Utilizing backend frameworks such as Django (Python), Ruby on Rails (Ruby), Spring (Java), Laravel (PHP), or Express (Node.js) to expedite development and maintain code consistency.

Middleware Development.

Developing middleware components to facilitate communication between different software applications, services, or systems.

Data Modelling.

Designing and optimizing data models to ensure efficient storage, retrieval, and manipulation of data in databases.

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Salary (Kuubiik): $1,000 /month

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