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Front-End Developer


Managing the deployment of Dynamics 365 solutions across development, testing, and production environments. Ensuring smooth and error-free deployments.

Web Design Implementation.

  • Convert design mockups (e.g., PSD files) into HTML/CSS code.
  • Ensure responsive design to work seamlessly on various screen sizes and devices.
  • Optimize website performance through efficient code, image compression, and asset loading.

HTML/CSS Development.

  • Creating and structuring HTML documents to build the foundation of web pages.
  • Designing and styling user interfaces using CSS to ensure a visually appealing and responsive website layout.
  • Implementing interactive elements, animations, and transitions to enhance user experience and engagement.

Javascript Development.

  • Implementing interactive and responsive user interfaces using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Collaborating with the design team to ensure seamless integration of front-end components and user experience.
  • Optimizing website performance and addressing browser compatibility issues through efficient JavaScript coding and debugging.

Responsive Design.

  • Create fluid layouts and use media queries to ensure the website adapts to different screen sizes and devices.
  • Optimize images and content for various resolutions to improve load times and user experience on mobile and desktop.
  • Test the responsiveness of the website across different browsers and devices to ensure consistent functionality and appearance.

Cross Browser Compatibility.

  • Ensure website functionality and design consistency across multiple web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.
  • Use CSS prefixes and polyfills to handle browser-specific issues and ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Perform thorough testing and debugging to identify and resolve compatibility issues and ensure the website works well on various devices and screen sizes.

Web Performance Optimization.

  • Minimize and optimize image and media files for faster loading times.
  • Implement efficient code and script management to reduce page load times.
  • Utilize browser caching and content compression techniques for improved website performance.

API Integrations.

  • Implementing API integrations to fetch and display real-time data.
  • Handling authentication and authorization for secure data access.
  • Ensuring proper error handling and data validation in API interactions.

Front-end Frameworks.

  • Building responsive and interactive user interfaces using front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, or Materialize.
  • Optimizing website performance by implementing code splitting, lazy loading, and other techniques provided by the chosen front-end framework.
  • Collaborating with designers and back-end developers to ensure seamless integration of front-end components into the overall web application or website.

Testing & Debugging.

  • Thoroughly test web applications and user interfaces across various browsers and devices.
  • Identify and fix any issues, bugs, or inconsistencies in the code to ensure a smooth user experience.
  • Utilize debugging tools and techniques to diagnose and resolve front-end development problems efficiently.

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