At S$360/month
We have teamed with a law company to provide you with virtual legal services. It’s now simpler than ever to get legal assistance to ensure that your firm is entirely compliant with local regulations and is not being exploited by a questionable contracts.

About VanillaLaw

VanillaLaw is a dependable and affordable business firm based in Singapore. They are a multinational boutique legal company with a global perspective.

Ideally positioned to serve the worldwide business community, having over 26 years of expertise.

Kuubiik Legal Advice By The Hour

Do you need legal advice on your team but not on a full-time basis? Kuubiik is there to assist you. Receive limitless legal consultations through email, phone consultations, Zoom calls, or WhatsApp. Yes, limitless!

Document drafting

Legal documents are written in a very specific manner that might not come easily to everyone. Kuubiik’s Virtual Experts can help you draft legal documents such as contracts, partnerships, agreements, and more. Contact us today to find out more about the legal services we provide, and pricing options.
Kuubiik Legal Advice By The Hour

How does the $360/month package works?

1. Assessment Call

We will arrange for a call to fully understand your current situation and needs. The call will be scheduled with VanillaLaw directly in order to assess your requirements.

2. Monthly Unlimited Advice

You can get started right after the assessment call. You will be able to reach out to VanillaLaw for legal advice through different channels such as Zoom calls, Whatsapp chats and more.

If you need ad-hoc drafting of documents for your legal requirements, you can reach out directly to VanillaLaw to determine which legal document you need for your specific case and what the ad-hoc cost would be.