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We provide professional virtual assistance services to help streamline your business operations, and increase productivity with our expert support.

What is a Virtual Assistant Expert?

Our Virtual Assistants are familiar with the ins-and-outs of administrative work, are detail-oriented, and are friendly and personable – hop on a video interview with them to see for yourself!

Email Management

Professionally manage your inbox so that you only spend time reading and responding to the emails that matter. Email management might include tasks such as:

Calendar Management

Never be double-booked or miss an appointment, while making the most of your waking hours.
Kuubiik Virtual Assistant By The Hour

Admin Support

Preparing memos, transcribing interviews, or other clerical tasks? Leave it to us. Contact us today to find out more on how Kuubiik’s Virtual Experts can help you handle administrative work.

Travel Booking

As the world slowly opens back up, many new rules and regulations have been set in place to curb the spread of COVID-19. Let your Virtual Assistant help you figure out all the details – from COVID-related regulations down to the simplest details such as shortlisting restaurants.

Travel booking might include tasks such as:

Kuubiik Virtual Assistant By The Hour

Candidate Screening

A candidate’s abilities, experience, and credentials may be verified via employment screening to help you make hiring and recruiting choices. Your recruiting process is protected by having access to every piece of information about a potential employee. In addition to protecting your company’s brand and ensuring that your financial and human risk is minimized, employment screening helps.

How will my Virtual Assistant work with me?

1. Select your Assistant

Our goal is to set you up with an Assistant with 48 hours of you contacting us. After you sign up with us, your Virtual Assistant will be able to start working with you immediately. 

2. Set tasks and expectations

Let your Virtual Assistant know what’s expected of them. If your company uses any specific tool or software to get that job done, let them know. If Kuubiik uses the same tools, we can train your VA in-house.

3. Track your Assistant’s progress

Your assistant’s time will be tracked and screenshots will be taken of their screen every 5 minutes for accountability while they’re working on your project. You will also have access to a live report to track the progress of your project.

4. Your task is done!

You can continue to assign new tasks to your Assistant if you have remaining hours for the month. Do note that unused hours do not rollover to the following month, so it’s good to have enough work to fulfil those hours.