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Save valuable time
Reduce your costs
Save office space
Reduce employment tax
Remove CPF contributions

We hire Virtual Experts based in Singapore

After thousands of applications, we’ve selected the best professionals just for you. We only hire Singapore-based virtual experts to keep-up the best quality of service in South-East Asia. Most importantly, we’ve done the recruitment screening for you! 

Based in Singapore
Highly educated and experienced (min 5 years experience)
Less than 2% of applicants hired
Why Choose Virtual Professionals | Kuubiik | Singapore

Grow your team
with our experts

Add a virtual expert to your team and have them become a full part of the business. No disruption. Maximum impact.

Your very own staff
100% dedicated to support your team
Directly works with you

Start now for just $399/mo.



Get started with our small package 30 min per day.

12h per month
All services
No commitment
Dedicated VA


For project that are not just related to your inbox.
24h per month
All services
No commitment
Dedicated VA


Get full operational support for your business tasks.

36h per month
All services
No commitment
Dedicated VA


For businesses with more demanding workloads.

50h per month
All services
No commitment
Dedicated VA

Need a bigger plan? No problem.

Get in touch and we’ll discuss your exact requirements.

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Each of our plans include a dedicated virtual expert (VE). You will work with your VE on a one-to-one basis, continually submitting tasks directly to this person. Your VE will grow to know you, your work, and your preferences—all while learning to anticipate your needs without you having to repeat yourself.

As a collaborative consumption business, our Virtual Expert professionals are a shared resource among clients. They schedule their days to best serve you and your incoming tasks with priority and without delay. Therefore, we do not offer immediate turnaround, though we expect most tasking to be completed in 24-48 hours. So, we encourage you to place priority levels and deadlines on your projects. 

We will begin locating the best possible VE for you using the information you shared during the signup process about your working style and personal preferences. After we’ve determined who would be the best fit for your needs—we’ll send an email connecting the two of you! We suggest hopping on a quick call soon after. After that, we aim to introduce you to your VE within two business days of signing up.

All of our VEs are located in Singapore. Firstly, we always ensure that we hire locally to ensure a full understanding of the local market and that availability and time-zone is not an issue. 

Secondly, by hiring only Singapore-based professionals, we ensure to be as close as it can be to the local culture. Thus, there won’t be any work dis-balance and this would allow tasks to be done quickly and neatly. 

If you go over your limit you can purchase additional hours or upgrade your pricing plan at anytime. Just ask your Virtual Expert for assistance.

For example, you used half of your hours in your current plan (i.e. Entrepreneur Plan – 12 hours per month), but you want to upgrade to a new plan (i.e. Startup Plan – 24 hours per month) because you know you will need to hand over more tasks to your virtual assistant. In this case, we will simply upgrade your current plan to a new pricing plan that fits your requirements. 

As a monthly membership service, our clients subscribe to us for the ability to retain a Singapore-based virtual assistant. While each plan offers a different level of service, as a membership subscription our plan hours do not rollover, and your membership fees are not tied to time specifically.

We are using a time tracking system which allows us to track efficiently every virtual expert’s work.

As a result, we will keep a running total of your hours and send you reports at the preferred frequency mutually agreed with the client or team. Alternately, feel free to ask us for a report at any time. Also, if you are running out of time we will notify you well ahead of that.

We can track how many hours were spent on the Virtual Expert’s Computer vs Break time.

We also track if they spend time on unproductive websites and applications.

Learn more here.

Of course. Contact us at prior to your next billing cycle and we’ll take care of your request. If you have already been billed, your cancellation request will not take effect until the following month. Unfortunately, we do not offer prorated refunds or cancellations for unused time.