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Accountants are integral to an organization’s financial health, providing expertise in financial management, reporting, and compliance.


Maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records by recording financial transactions, updating ledgers, and reconciling accounts.

Financial Statements.

Compiling financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, to provide a clear overview of an organization’s financial performance.

Budgeting & Forecasting.

Assisting in the development of budgets and financial forecasts to help organizations plan and manage their financial resources effectively.

Payroll Processing.

Calculating and processing employee payroll, including deductions, benefits, and compliance with tax regulations. Ensuring accurate and timely payroll disbursements.

Tax Compliance.

Staying abreast of tax regulations and preparing and filing accurate tax returns for individuals and businesses. Advising on tax planning strategies to minimize liabilities.

Financial Analysis.

Analyzing financial data to identify trends, variances, and opportunities for improvement. Providing insights to management for informed decision-making.

Audit Support.

Assisting in the preparation for and coordination of internal and external audits. Ensuring that financial records are accurate and in compliance with auditing standards.

Financial Planning & Analysis.

Participating in financial planning and analysis activities, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial modeling to support strategic decision-making.

Risk Management.

Identifying and mitigating financial risks, such as currency exchange risks or interest rate risks, to protect the financial health of the organization.

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Tax Documentation Specialists are experts in the meticulous management of tax-related records, ensuring compliance and organization.

Salary (US): $4,619 /month

Salary (Kuubiik): $700 /month

Savings: 70%

Tax Compliance Assistants provide essential support to organizations and individuals, ensuring adherence to tax laws and regulations. They excel in the following key areas:

Salary (US): $4,091 /month

Salary (Kuubiik): $700 /month

Savings: 70%

Tax Administrative Support professionals play a critical role in helping organizations navigate complex tax regulations and maintain financial compliance.

Salary (US): $4,899 /month

Salary (Kuubiik): $700 /month

Savings: 80%

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