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Tax Compliance Assistant


Tax Compliance Assistants provide essential support to organizations and individuals, ensuring adherence to tax laws and regulations. They excel in the following key areas:

Tax Document Management

Organizing, categorizing, and maintaining tax documents, receipts, and financial records.

Data Entry

Accurately inputting financial data, including income, expenses, deductions, and credits, into tax software or databases.

Tax Form Preparation.

Assisting in the preparation of various tax forms, including income tax returns (e.g., 1040, 1065, 1120), W-2s, and 1099s.

Compliance Monitoring.

Tracking changes in tax laws and regulations to ensure ongoing compliance.

Client Communications.

Interacting with clients or internal stakeholders to collect necessary tax information and provide updates on tax filings.

Deadline Monitoring.

Monitoring tax filing deadlines and ensuring timely submissions to avoid penalties.

Tax Software Proficiency.

Utilizing tax software platforms (e.g., TurboTax, TaxAct) to facilitate tax calculations and filings.

Research & Analysis.

Conducting research on tax codes, deductions, credits, and exemptions to optimize tax returns.

Tax Planning Assistance.

Collaborating on tax planning strategies to minimize tax liabilities while complying with regulations.

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Salary (US): $4,619 /month

Salary (Kuubiik): $700 /month

Savings: 70%

Tax Administrative Support professionals play a critical role in helping organizations navigate complex tax regulations and maintain financial compliance.

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Salary (Kuubiik): $700 /month

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Salary (Kuubiik): $800 /month

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