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Surveying Assistant


Surveying Assistants provide crucial support to land surveyors, helping them accurately measure and map the Earth’s surface.

Equipment Handling.

  • Calibrating and maintaining surveying instruments such as theodolites, total stations, and GPS devices.
  • Setting up and securing surveying equipment on job sites to ensure accuracy and stability during measurements.
  • Assisting the surveying team in the transportation and organization of equipment to and from project sites.

Field Survey Assistant.

  • Assisting surveyors in collecting accurate field data and measurements.
  • Setting up and maintaining surveying equipment, such as total stations and GPS devices.
  • Recording and organizing survey data, including notes and sketches, for further analysis.

Boundary Surveys.

  • Assist in measuring and marking property boundaries accurately.
  • Collect and record data using surveying equipment and tools.
  • Support the surveying team in preparing maps and reports for clients.

Data Collection

  • Assisting in setting up and calibrating surveying equipment, such as total stations and GPS devices.
  • Conducting field surveys to collect precise measurements, including distances, angles, and elevations.
  • Recording and organizing collected data accurately for further analysis and mapping.

Survey Markets.

  • Conducted market research to identify potential areas for expansion.
  • Collected data on market trends, competitor activities, and customer preferences.
  • Assisted in analyzing survey results to provide valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Digital Mapping.

  • Assisting in collecting and inputting geographical data into digital mapping software.
  • Verifying and updating digital maps by cross-referencing survey data and GPS coordinates.
  • Collaborating with surveyors and GIS professionals to create accurate and up-to-date digital maps for various projects.


  • Create precise and detailed survey drawings and maps using AutoCAD software.
  • Assist in data collection and processing, importing field measurements into AutoCAD for analysis and visualization.
  • Collaborate with surveyors and engineers to ensure accuracy and completeness of surveying projects in AutoCAD.

Report Generation.

  • Collect and organize survey data, including measurements and observations.
  • Assist in the preparation of detailed survey reports, including maps, charts, and diagrams.
  • Collaborate with surveyors and engineers to ensure accurate and comprehensive report generation.

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