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A Bookkeeper is responsible for maintaining accurate financial records for an organization, tracking financial transactions, and ensuring that financial information is organized and up-to-date. Here’s an expanded list of tasks that a Bookkeeper might be responsible for:

Record Keeping.

Maintaining accurate and organized financial records, including ledgers, journals, and accounting software.

Data Entry.

Recording financial transactions, including income, expenses, invoices, and payments, into the accounting system.

Bank Reconciliation.

Reconciling bank statements with financial records to ensure accuracy and identify discrepancies.

General Ledger Maintenance.

Updating and maintaining the general ledger to reflect all financial transactions accurately.

Expense Tracking.

Monitoring and categorizing business expenses to ensure accurate financial reporting and budgeting.

Cash Management.

Managing petty cash transactions and reconciling petty cash accounts.

Financial Reporting.

Generating and preparing basic financial reports, such as income statements and balance sheets, to provide a snapshot of the organization’s financial health.

Payroll Processing.

Assisting with payroll tasks, including calculating wages, taxes, and deductions, and ensuring accurate and timely payroll processing.

Compliance Monitoring.

Ensuring compliance with relevant accounting principles, laws, and regulations.

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Software Development Assistants play a vital role in supporting the software development lifecycle, assisting developers and teams in various tasks to ensure the successful creation and deployment of software solutions.

Salary (US): $,4231 /month

Outsourcing Cost: $700 /month

Savings: 83%

Tax Documentation Specialists are experts in the meticulous management of tax-related records, ensuring compliance and organization.

Salary (US): $4,619 /month

Outsourcing Cost: $700 /month

Savings: 70%

Tax Compliance Assistants provide essential support to organizations and individuals, ensuring adherence to tax laws and regulations. They excel in the following key areas:

Salary (US): $4,091 /month

Outsourcing Cost: $700 /month

Savings: 70%