ContactOut – A Free Platform For Great Lead Generation In 2023

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ContactOut – A Free Platform For Great Lead Generation In 2023

Have you ever heard of ContactOut? If no, this article is for you!

For many sales professionals and recruiters, lead generation is a priority when looking for new prospects or candidates because it is at the top of the funnel. That is the only way to get new revenue or candidates if you are looking to meet your KPIs (key performance indicators) or hire the right people for your company as there are limitations in the existing database. 

The ability to identify who might be interested in your product offerings or hiring position depends on your ability to make them from the status of interest to finally purchasing or signing the employment contract. It is definitely a number game and the higher the number, the more chances of success you have. 

The very natural thing to do when you need leads fast is to buy leads. However, most data vendors purchase the same contact lists that have been resold hundreds of times, making them outdated and unethically sourced. As a result, there are low open rates, reputation and spam issues. It is like fishing in a pond instead of an ocean, causing unwanted frustrations.  

ContactOut – A Free Platform For Great Lead Generation In 2023

Traditionally, lead generation used to be very manual and time consuming. With the emergence of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning), it is widely used in many industries, making automation, efficiency and productivity possible even on a lean budget. 

Some benefits of AI include:

  • Repetitive tasks are eliminated 
  • Errors are minimised 
  • Business efficiency is increased
  • Smart decisions can be made, aided by valuable data insights
  • Business costs are reduced

Why Is Using A Lead Generation Platform Important?

Leads can be many but are they relevant to your business or recruitment? When you use a lead generation platform, you will acquire more qualified leads, helping to save time and money by reducing the manual workload of your employees and they can focus on their core responsibilities. 

Using a lead generation platform also allows you to nurture leads, moving them further down the pipeline. Additionally, when you have more qualified leads, it naturally results in more sales and data provided by the lead generation platform provides valuable insights so you know what works and are able to make informed decisions for future campaigns or hiring. 

Results and status can be updated anytime real time because the data is contained and accessible in a cloud server. You can upload new leads in bulk hassle free and reports can be downloaded easily for analysis. 

ContactOut Is The Go To Platform

Unlike many data vendors, ContactOut sources, stores and refreshes their data firsthand as they scan the entire internet for emails and phone numbers. Their servers crawl billions of webpages on a daily basis. The data comes from public websites and with their AI system, it helps to match the data to the correct person. Emails and phone numbers are triple verified with 99% confidence.   

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2015 and backed by 500 Startups, Startmate and Blackbird Venture, more than 500,000 activated users have used ContactOut including 75% of Fortune 500 companies. Some of them include Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, McKinsey and Nike.

To date, more than 1.2 billion contacts have been verified. Their data is CCPA compliant and GDPR aligned so you can be sure the data is managed correctly with credibility which also allows for easier business automation. It has both free and paid plans to cater to your business needs for lead generation.

Sales professionals can integrate and update your CRM (customer relationship management) seamlessly with 200 million work emails to send sales campaigns to your prospects. 100 million direct dials are also available for you to reach out to key decision makers directly. 

For recruiters, you can reach out to 250 million professionals on LinkedIn – that is about 75% of people found on LinkedIn! Moreover, 150 million personal emails are provided so you can reach out to your top candidates directly. 

Achieve More In Less Time

ContactOut’s chrome extension works on top of LinkedIn, helping you find emails and phone numbers quickly. Additional profile data is collected – job title, location, company, work experience and educational profile. You can choose to either upload contacts either individually or in bulk, making lead generation a breeze!

Alternatively, you can also save leads from your LinkedIn to your dashboard. You can even organise them into folders and share with your team so everyone is kept in the loop on the status of that particular lead. Notes can also be written. The data can be exported to a spreadsheet, CRM or ATS (applicant tracking system) with one click.

Through their search portal, you can find leads or candidates easily without limitations. Unlimited searches can be performed and you can discover leads or candidates that are not on LinkedIn, maximising your opportunities. 

Emails can be sent with reusable email templates, helping you to engage more people with lesser effort. Multiple people can be contacted at once and you can follow up automatically at a later time. 

In summary, using a lead generation platform like ContactOut can help you reap many benefits in the long run when it comes to sales growth and recruitment. Trusted by 75% of Fortune 500 companies, you get relevant leads with the most updated information, making your work a joy and prospecting leads has never been easier.