Natcho Angelo Talks Unique & Flexible Outsourcing in 2024 on OA Podcast

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Natcho Angelo

Co-Founder & CEO of Kuubiik, advocates for global talent equality in outsourcing. He writes on outsourcing, entrepreneurship, and creative solutions.
Natcho Angelo Talks Unique & Flexible Outsourcing in 2024 on OA Podcast - Kuubiik

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As a leading global business process outsourcing (BPO) service provider, Kuubiik has been given prominence on Outsource Accelerator – the number one outsourcing authority and aggregator marketplace in the world. Outsource Accelerator seamlessly connects world-leading outsourcing suppliers to other businesses across the globe and currently has a comprehensive directory of over 2,300 BPO companies on its website.

It is clear that Outsource Accelerator has a very specific purpose, which aims to help businesses explore, build, and operate offshore teams. Its work predominantly champions the notion of outsourcing and simultaneously enables businesses to learn more about – and engage with – outsourcing. Its partnership with Kuubiik, for instance, fast-tracks our association with other businesses in need of outsourcing talents.

Most recently, Kuubiik’s CEO and Co-Founder, Natcho Angelo, had been featured on the Outsource Accelerator Podcast, hosted by the outsourcing authority’s own Founder and CEO, Derek Gallimore. The weekly podcast episodes hosted by Gallimore, which has released 100 episodes thus far, extend independent information and insights for SMEs exploring enterprise-level offshore staffing.

Guests on the podcast, ranging from BPO industry leaders and CEOs to journalists and government officials, discuss any and every aspect of the BPO sector, as well as all the business implications and integrations related to the industry.

Natcho Angelo & Kuubiik’s Story

In the 38-minute-long podcast episode with Kuubiik’s CEO and Co-Founder Natcho Angelo, Gallimore touched on Kuubiik’s unique approach in the offshoring market and how it differs from traditional models. Angelo started the outsourcing company in 2021 with a focus on providing a flexible hourly solution for companies requiring specific tasks. Recognizing a gap within the industry and how traditional agencies lacked this flexibility, Angelo also caught sight of how freelancers sometimes struggled with long-term reliability.

Angelo mentioned in the podcast, “We want to provide a solution where it’s reliable and [of] high quality. So, we started with the concept of outsourcing by the hour, similar to what you would have with VAs, but with a stronger emphasis on quality.” However, as the business evolved, it became clear that there was an increasing demand for full-time solutions, too and subsequently introduced an innovative full-time outsourcing approach that stood out from traditional methods.

Value-Added Advantage

With specialisation spanning across diverse domains like graphic design, copywriting, web development, marketing, and more, Angelo further explained Kuubiik’s flexibility by presenting a dual service structure comprising full-time options and a distinct hourly service. Giving the clients more freedom, Angelo added:

“[Clients] don’t necessarily need to be stuck with the same person or with the same type of tasks. They could buy 20 hours of credit and use those hours with anyone. They could work with a social media management specialist, a copywriter for their blog, a graphic designer for ads, or a web developer for their website – all within the 20-hour package.”

Natcho Angelo, CEO

This flexible structure allows clients to access a diverse department of talents rather than being tied to one individual they originally requested for a specific task, which is akin to an agency-by-the-hour concept. Kuubiik’s CEO divulged, “We cover a wide spectrum, from customer success and executive assistants to graphic designers, video editors, sales reps, HR, digital marketing, web developers, UI/UX designers, and more traditional roles. Additionally, we handle less common roles in the outsourcing industry like architects, civil engineers, translators, and online tutors.”

A Global Outsourcing Workforce

Kuubiik’s CEO also explained the outsourcing company’s recruitment process and geographic preferences in outsourcing when looking for talents. “There is a [preference] for the Philippines just because the Philippines has a very strong background and great candidates in outsourcing talent. However, there is also great talent in Eastern Europe, Malaysia, and Indonesia,” he elaborated.

In the podcast episode, Angelo went on to state that Kuubiik is open to sourcing talent from various regions, including Japan, Korea, the USA, South America, Mexico, and beyond, with these talents managing roles across different levels, ranging from higher positions to smaller roles. As an example, Angelo shared, “Recently, we have been looking for 2 roles in Japan. One is a country manager, the other a business development manager.”

AI-Powered Productivity

Dubbed the ‘Alibaba of outsourcing’, the Outsource Accelerator Podcast episode featuring Kuubiik’s Natcho Angelo also touched briefly on the company’s adoption of AI to accelerate the pace, work more efficiently, and produce increasingly high-quality output. He said, “Our goal isn’t to slow down work for more hours; it’s the opposite – to achieve more within the same timeframe and exceed expectations.”

With that said, Angelo clarified that while AI does expedite the efficiency of the company’s BPO solutions, Kuubiik’s copywriters, for instance, still ensure proofreading is done to counter AI’s occasional lack of complete accuracy of the information and also the possibility of having outdated information. To date, the CEO regards AI as a valuable tool for hastening productivity, contributing positively to Kuubiik’s efficiency towards reaching its business goals.

The Outsource Accelerator Podcast episode featuring Kuubiik’s CEO and Co-Founder, Natcho Angelo, is now accessible via Podbean, Spotify, and Apple.

For more details on the podcast episode and Kuubiik’s BPO solutions, check out the accompanying article for the podcast or this feature by Kuubiik explaining more regarding outsourcing by the hour.

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